All of the layers

I’m kind of obsessed with jackets. Layering is something that’s in my nature when it comes to getting dressed – very in line with the third-piece rule – and there is no exception in winter. I’ve been noticing tons of gorgeous jackets at amazing discounts. While it may not be warm enough to wear them atop a pretty sundress yet, hopefully that time is only a short while away.

H&M is one of those stores that always has a good steal on outerwear. I got a pretty puffer there in the fall that I wear almost every day when the temperatures drop! Zara is another favorite that I can’t get enough of. The styles are always unique, and patterns vary wildly. Here are my favorite outerwear finds under $100!

1 $189 $1002 $80 $40 | 3 $129 $70

4 $114 $86 | 5 $100 $40 | 6 $75

7 $60 $308 $119 $409 $189 $100

10 $80 $4011 $249 $10012 $99 $60


Featured Image | Glam Radar

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