A healthy spring

In January, I was feeling a bit “blah” diet-wise. I was going for convenience over nutrition, lazy meals quickly thrown together rather than meal prepping. I knew I had to make an update that would get me back on track!

I’ve never been the healthiest eater, as I was extremely picky as a child, but I knew I was lacking some needed nutrients. My bestie and dietitian Raquel over at Sincerely Nourished helped me come up with an easy guide for what I can and can’t (or should sparingly) eat, and it was a saving grace for me into some healthier eating habits. (Follow her on Instagram for envy-worthy healthy meal ideas!)

I’ve always enjoyed a good bowl of pasta, a plate of cheese and crackers – all of the finer things in life (read: carbs). I’m not a big sweets person, but every once in a while I like to indulge. Vegetables were often begrudgingly eaten rather than enjoyed. That being said, I knew that if I had some simple guidelines for healthy eating and was pushed to get creative with some new recipes, it could help me rethink how I put my meals together (hello, zoodles!). It’s been a huge help to just have this reference guide to help me remember what I can eat all day, what I should choose carefully, and what I need to limit.


Example Day

Breakfast: 1/2 c Oats (made with 1 c skim milk) with Cinnamon and Almonds, Banana
Lunch: Egg Scramble with Turkey Sausage, Broccoli & Avocado, Side of Strawberries
Dinner: Quinoa, Salmon, Baked Asparagus

Snacks: Carrots & Hummus

2 servings of fruit | 3 servings of veggies | 1 serving of dairy
4 servings of protein | 2 servings of grains

 What are your go-to meals during the week?



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