Looking polished

I’ll admit it – I am one of those girls who always has to have her fingernails painted. This is a point of pride as well as a sincere stressor in my life because I hate the appearance of chipped nails, and I refuse to walk around with them. The second I see the polish getting ready to come off, I remove it and start all over. That being said I get bored with colors quickly, and I am always excited to try a new shade or brand. (I recently tried Sonia Kashuk polish for the first time and it stays on strong for DAYS! At only $5 a bottle, I can experiment with these colors without spending a fortune.) With spring on the way, I’m excited to try out these pretty colors!

  1. One Fine Day $5
  2. Fifth Avenue $9
  3. Pepperminty $15
  4. Molly Coddled $15
  5. Mamba $9
  6. Cupcake Queen $15
  7. Take It Outside $9
  8. Orgasm $20
  9. Trouville $20
  10. Breakfast at Tiffany’s $5


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