2017 Gift Guide: For the workaholic

Everyone has their job, but there are always the ones who make it their life. Always jet-setting, on her phone checking her email, and pulling late nights at the office. For her, get a little treat that will help keep her going when she needs a little push. Shop my favorite finds for the workaholic!

Portable Charger: There’s nothing worse than having your phone run out of battery at the exact wrong moment. This will help prevent that!

Luggage Tag: If she’s traveling often, having a stand-out bag tag (in a pop of red!) will help her keep an eye on her luggage better.

Beyonce Pencil Set: Let these serve as little reminders that she rocks, even when days are long and rough. My personal favorite? ‘I twirl on them haters.’

‘The Boss’ Mug: She might not be the CEO just yet, but it’s always good to set goals.

Desk Calendar: Keeping an eye on her calendar is a daily task, so it’s nice to have a cute one to stare at.

LUSH Sleepy Lotion: This stuff is known for working like a sleep aid, and has an added perk of smelling delicious. A good night’s sleep is a necessary recharge for the hardworking woman.

Dot Notebook: Taking notes is key to staying on track and on top of assignments. Surely she burns through these monthly – add a cute one to the pile.

Eye Mask: A quick and easy way to look refreshed for a night out after a busy work day.


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