2017 Gift Guide: For him

Every year, I struggle to shop for the guys in my life, as many of them are picky as they come. However you can’t go wrong with the classics, especially when you take them up a notch in quality. Shop some of my favorite ideas for shopping for the men in your life.

1. Leather Gloves: A good pair of leather gloves will last through the years, and only get better with age. These are lined in a wool-cashmere blend knit for extra warmth.

2. Key Ring: Simple and classic. It will keep his keys from getting too jumbled, and isn’t too bulky for pockets.

3. Shave Set: Your guy probably wouldn’t think to splurge on a nice shaving set, but once he tries the good stuff, he’ll never want to go back.

4. Cologne: This is a pretty personal gift, and you have to know that he likes wearing cologne. However this is among the most popular choices right now, so chances are he’ll love it just as much as you will.

5. Pajama Set: Perfect for snuggling up on chilly winter nights. Plus you can’t go wrong with flannel.

6. Wallet: Wallets wear out fast, and this magic wallet has plenty of slots while still staying slim and sleek. I personally love the burgundy color, too, which is a little out of the ordinary.

7. Skincare Set: Similar to the shave set, he’ll find out what he’s been missing. Kiehl’s Since 1851 is a great no-frills, classic brand, too.

8. Slippers: Getting the mail, taking the trash out, walking on cold hard wood floors in the middle of the night. Yeah, these will come in handy.


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