On to the next one


A big change is coming up for me – I’m starting a new job! I’ve been doing marketing for an architecture and design firm for nearly three years (my first job out of college), but I’m excited to be moving into a communications role at a global health nonprofit.

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Keep it professional


So often in summer, we resort to wearing a t-shirt dress to the office, or live in our sandals no matter the occasion. While this is definitely comfortable, it’s easy to lose the professionalism at the office.

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Anniversary celebrations


Last night, Eric and I celebrated seven years together. It’s so crazy to think that we’ve been together for such a large chunk of our lives at age 25 – we started dating right after I graduated from high school!

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Back to school: new year, new bag


Back to school time is just around the corner, and whether that means high school, college or none of the above for you, there’s  a certain newness to everything once summer ends and fall comes around. I know it still to this day feels like it’s time to get back to business and settle into a more normal work flow.

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Go-to outfit: t-shirt dress


I’ve been stocking up on t-shirt dresses, as they’re just about my favorite thing to wear. They feel cute without being overly dressy, and I can wear them with sandals or sneakers or booties or just about any shoe I own… making them the perfect go-to outfit.

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Burgundy and cognac


Accessories are one of the major swaps I make out as seasons change. I may have a few dresses that can carry over into autumn with the right jacket, or silk blouses that work just as well under a sweater, but I certainly can’t carry a white bag or sandals into the season.

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Sneakers and skinnies


I wore jeans today. And while that may not seem like that big of a deal, it totally is! DC is known for it’s scorching hot weather (we were just the hottest city in the country a week ago 🙄), and it has been far too hot for me to even imagine wearing anything other than breathable dresses. I’m so excited to pull my denim out of hiding, and wear something other than sandals.

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Jacket season


I love layering in the fall. A jacket here, a sweater there. I tried to throw a three-quarter sleeved top over a dress the other morning and instantly knew I’d overheat on my short commute to the office. Soon enough, the temperatures will change their ways and we won’t be able to wear enough layers!

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Pick-me-ups under $15


It seems that around the time that summer starts to taper off, my busy season kicks into high gear. Work picks up when everyone is back from their respective vacations, and on top of that there are lots of events to look forward to. In particular, this year I have a few weddings and birthdays! While I’m certainly excited for them, it’s also a lot, and can totally make me want to take the week off to recover.

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